Fuding White Peony – 150g Old White Tea Cake for Optimal Health and Wellness


Product Category: White Peony
Origin: Fujian
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
Ingredients and Ingredients: Fuding White Tea
Net Content (Specification): 150
Shelf life: 600 days

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Tea Mountain is rich in heat, rainy all the year round, warm in winter and cool in summer, and full of rain and fog all the year round. It is especially suitable for the growth of tea plants.


Tea gardens are all over 1500 meters. The topography of tea hills is mostly northeast and northwest, and the southwest inclines toward the central and southeastern coasts.


Soil fertility and acidity are the basic areas for producing good tea. The soils in this area are suitable for tea planting. They are red soil, yellow soil, purple soil and alluvial soil.

Dried tea

Peony leaves are tender, dark grey green or dark mossy tea cake covered with white fur.

Leaf bottom

The bottom of the leaves is moist and fresh, and the fragrance remains on the leaves. That’s not the case with good tea. The fragrance is in shape.

Gruel of millet flour and sugar

The fragrance is pure and persistent, the soup is light yellow and clear. Drink a cup of peony, the aftertaste is sweet and lasting. Good tea with the standard status of “year, grade and origin” has created the excellent quality of our peony after years of baptism and precipitation of time.


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