Super Level Fuding White Tea – Baihao Silver Needle – Ming Qian Spring Tea


Storage method: dry, light-proof and odorless
Warranty period: 3 years
Food additives: none
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Tea Types: Baihao Silver Needle
Growth Season: Spring
Origin: China
Provinces: Fujian Province

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Tea characteristics

White tea production process is very special, but also a natural practice. That is, after picking, without killing green or kneading, do the slightly fermented tea with sunshine technology, and maintain the original fragrance of tea. Professional tea cellar, care for storage and normal oxidation, because the taste of silver needle tea is fresh and sweet and feel comfortable when drinking, it is loved by tea friends.

The process parameters are strictly controlled during the production of white tea. Experienced tea makers will control the process parameters in real time according to fresh leaf raw materials, weather conditions and tea withering. Teams in the production of spring tea, strict and standardized picking standards, manual picking throughout the process, adhering to the ancient method of making tea.
Baihao silver needle tea, because of its finished product covered with Baihao, just like silver and snow, and with an upright shape and pointed teeth, it is named after it pleases to the eye when brewing in the cup of each upright.

Baihao Silver Needle Tea, also known as Baihao for short, is named for its dense white cloth, white as silver, and needle-like appearance. Its fragrance is fresh, the soup is pale yellow, and the taste is fresh. It is a top-quality white tea, known as “beauty of tea” and “tea king”. Mainly produced in Fuding City, Ningde, Fujian Province, Nanping Zhenghe and other places. Its raw materials are tea buds.

Brewing method

Tea utensils for making silver needles tea are usually colorless and flowerless straight cylindrical transparent glasses. Drinkers can appreciate the shape and changing appearance of the tea in the cup from all angles. The water temperature of the silver needle is 95 ° C, and the specific brewing procedure is as follows:

  • Tea set: Most of them are glasses with a handle.
  • Tea Appreciation: Take out a little white tea with a teaspoon and place it on a tray for guests to appreciate the shape and color of the dried tea.
  • Prepare Tea: Take 2 grams of white tea and put it in a glass.
  • Infiltration: Push in a little boiling water and let the tea brew in the cup for about 10 seconds.
  • Brew tea: Then use the high-impact method and flush 100-120 ml boiling water in the same direction.
  • Serving tea: Serve the guests a cup politely with both hands.
  • Drinking: Tea buds float on the water at the beginning of brewing with silver needles. After 5-6 minutes, some tea buds sink to the bottom of the cup. At this time, the tea buds stand erect and interlace up and down.
  • Like bamboo shoots springing up after a rain. About 10 minutes later, the tea soup is orange, at this time you can take a cup of tea to smell the fragrance and taste.

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