Genuine Ruyao Tea Cup Porcelain Kung Fu Ice Cracked Cup

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Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: Pottery
Water Heating Function: No
Surface Technology: Ice Crack Glaze
Origin: Dehua
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Style: Chinese Style


Caliber: 6.5cm, height 4cm, capacity 50ml

* Before opening
The glaze of Ru kiln in the Song Dynasty is like silk. It is warm and simple, bright and lustrous. The glaze is like a pile of fat. It is quiet and elegant, the color is moist and the handle is like jade.
* After opening
After being used in imitation of the Song Dynasty Ru kiln, it can form a clear and visible open texture, and the longer it is, the more simple it will be (green tea presents golden line, Pu’er presents black line)

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4 reviews for Genuine Ruyao Tea Cup Porcelain Kung Fu Ice Cracked Cup

  1. Edward

    Pretty cops, smaller than it seems by the pictures, but the measurements are accurate. Bought for a tea ceremony. Packed reasonably well.

  2. Rod DL

    I gave this to a co-worker who was all over herself with excitement. The cups are beautiful and unique.

  3. Collison

    very beautiful, the workmanship is also very good, the high-end atmosphere is of high grade

  4. Deena Cohen

    High-quality little tea cups!

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