Glass Tea Set with White Porcelain Tea Warmer


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## Glass Tea Set with White Porcelain Warmer

Indulge in the perfect tea ceremony with our exquisite Glass Tea Set. Crafted from high borosilicate glass, it enhances the beauty of your tea leaves and ensures unparalleled durability.

**Exceptional Features:**

* **High Temperature Resistance:** Withstand open fire or electric ceramic furnace heating.
* **Ergonomic Design:** Natural nanmu and 304 stainless steel lid provide a cool grip.
* **Optimal Brewing:** Smooth water outlet and removable partition net cater to various brewing preferences.
* **Precision Filtration:** Removable filter screen prevents tea residues for a smooth taste.
* **Stainless Steel Construction:** Upgraded insole and cover prevent mold and rust.
* **Comfortable Handling:** Wide handle on the teapot and teacups for easy pouring and grip.
* **High-Temperature Resistant Base:** Safe and secure heating base ensures perfect tea every time.


* 1 Teapot (Width: 5.12″, Height: 4.92″, Capacity: 33.82 oz)
* 4 Tea Cups (Diameter: 3.74″, Height: 2.76″, Capacity: 13.53 oz each)
* 1 Heating Base
* 1 Tea Tray

Elevate your tea-drinking experience with our Glass Tea Set. Its unparalleled craftsmanship and elegant design will undoubtedly enhance your moments of tranquility and relaxation.


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