Glass Tea Pot with Wooden Handle – High Temperature Resistant


Material: Heat-proof glass
Surface technics: Heat-proof glass
Origin: Hejian

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The alternation of hot and cold will not burst yet.

It can withstand high temperature of 180 ℃.

It can withstand high temperature about 150 ℃, low temperature about – 30 ℃

The size of teapot:
  • The diameter of the spout: 8.5CM
  • The diameter of the bottom: 9.5CM
  • Overall height of the teapot: 9CM
  • Capacity: 500 ML

This Glass Teapot with Wooden Side Handle is ideal for anyone who wishes to experience traditional Chinese tea ceremony. Crafted of thickened glass for durability and high temperature resistance, its wooden handle ensures comfortable handling when drinking tea from this unique vessel. Plus, unlike most glass teapots used here is designed to handle higher temperatures over longer periods.

Not only does this glass teapot boast durability and an elegant and timeless design that matches traditional Kung Fu tea sets perfectly, it makes an excellent addition to any home or office allowing you to unwind while you sip your favorite cup of tea!

Here are a few features that make this glass teapot special: Crafted of thickened glass material for high temperature resistance; elegant design featuring wooden side handles to provide comfortable gripping;
Ideal for use with Kung Fu Tea Set, suitable for all types of beverages including green tea. High quality and long-term structure guarantee many years of use.
This Glass Teapot with Wooden Side Handle will create an unforgettable tea drinking experience, every time! Boasting elegant design combined with durability, this exquisite choice makes the ideal companion for enjoying your daily dose of caffeine-filled brew.

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Wooden-handled teapot, Wooden-handled teapot for large green orange


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