Green Peacock Ceramic Travel Tea Set


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Unveil the Elixir of Tea with This Exquisite Travel Tea Set

Embark on a tea-time journey with this comprehensive travel tea set, meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning tastes of tea connoisseurs. Its thoughtful design encompasses:

  • Tea Caddy: A sanctuary for prized tea leaves, preserving their delicate aroma and freshness.
  • Chinese Teapot: Its graceful form fosters optimal infusion, allowing tea leaves to dance freely and release their full spectrum of flavors.
  • Fair Cup: A vessel for sharing the joy of tea, capturing the essence of this ancient tradition.
  • Tea Strainer Set: A delicate gateway perched atop fair cups, ensuring a pure and unmarred tea-drinking experience.
  • Tea Tray: Ingeniously equipped with a water filter, keeping your tea area pristine and inviting.
  • 6 Chinese Tea Cups: Embellished with intricate designs, these cups elevate the act of tea-sipping to an art form.

Enclosed within a sophisticated briefcase-inspired gift box, this tea set exudes a sense of grandeur. Its frosted exterior imparts an air of elegance, while the smooth interior promises a seamless and enjoyable tea-drinking experience. Its compact size makes it an ideal companion for those who seek tea solace on the go, whether entertaining clients, forging business partnerships, or simply savoring a moment of tranquility.


  • Teapot: 12 cm (4.72 in) L x 14 cm (5.5 in) H
  • Fair Cup: 11.5 cm (4.5 in) L x 6 cm (2.3 in) H
  • Tea Cup: 6 cm (2.3 in) D x 3.2 cm (1.2 in) H
  • Tea Caddy: 8.6 cm (3.3 in) D x 9.3 cm (3.6 in) H
  • Tea Tray: 31.5 cm (12.4 in) L x 18 cm (7.0 in) H


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