Handmade Japanese Kyusu Bronze Wormhole Teapot


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Japanese Kyusu Bronze Wormhole Teapot

This antique-inspired teapot, adorned with a bronze glaze and enigmatic handle, boasts an exquisite deep green hue that evokes an aura of antiquity and grandeur. Resembling a relic unearthed from the depths of time, it exudes a sense of historical significance. The defining characteristic lies in its handle design, which mimics wormholes with precisely spaced openings, sparking contemplative reflections on the tapestry of time.

Predominantly coated in a deep bronze glaze, the teapot creates an ambiance of aged wisdom and character, as if it has traversed the relentless sands of time. The metallic texture of the bronze imparts a profound dignity, while the subtle patterns infuse a vibrant touch, inviting the user to embark on an evocative journey through the annals of history.

The handle, meticulously designed in the shape of wormholes, becomes the focal point, with each opening crafted with precision. It evokes contemplation on the ethereal imprints left by the relentless passage of time. This unconventional design transcends traditional norms, elevating the teapot into an artistic masterpiece that resonates with narratives and emotions, transforming it from a mere tea utensil into an artifact steeped in the passage of time.


  • Length: 14 cm (5.51 inches)
  • Width: 10 cm (3.93 inches)
  • Height: 8 cm (3.14 inches)
  • Capacity: 200 ml (6.76 oz)


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