Hardened Glass Teacup (120 ml / 4 oz)


Material:borosilicate glass
Content:120 ml (4 oz)
Measures:Approx. 10×8.7cm (3.9×3.4in)
Dishwasher Safe:Yes
Microwave Safe:Yes

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Uncover the Essence of Tea: Exploring the Clear Glass Gaiwan

Delve into the world of tea appreciation with our exquisite Glass Gaiwan, a symphony of elegance and functionality. Crafted from robust, heat-proof ‘cooking grade’ glass, this gaiwan offers a captivating journey through the realm of flavor and visual aesthetics.

Embrace Clarity and Precision:

  • Unleash the beauty of your favorite tea leaves and their captivating hues through the crystal-clear glass.
  • Experience the full spectrum of tea colors, from the brilliance of golden amber to the emerald depths of green.
  • Discover the nuances of your tea’s infusion, watching as it transforms and evolves.

A Multifaceted Tea Vessel:

  • Steep your cherished tea leaves with ease, using the gaiwan’s generous capacity to accommodate both leaves and water.
  • Effortlessly pour your infused tea into cups, appreciating the gaiwan’s ergonomic design and controlled flow.
  • Elevate your tea ritual, whether you prefer solo contemplation or convivial gatherings.

A Timeless Companion for True Tea Lovers:

  • Embrace the ancient wisdom of tea ceremonies, bringing a touch of tradition to your modern lifestyle.
  • Indulge in the tranquility of brewing and sipping tea with your Glass Gaiwan, fostering mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Create lasting memories as you share this exquisite tea vessel with friends and fellow tea enthusiasts.

Visual Journey into Tea’s Enchantment:

Our captivating video unveils the art of steeping fragrant honeysuckle rose flower herbal tea using our Glass Gaiwan. Witness the transformation as petals unfurl and release their delicate essence into the crystal-clear water. Prepare to be mesmerized by the symphony of colors and flavors.


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