Japanese Plum Blossoms Cast Iron Teapot


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Japanese Magpie Plum Cast Iron Teapot: A Timeless Embodiment of Culture and Health

Unveiling the enchanting artistry of Chinese tradition, the Japanese Magpie Plum Cast Iron Teapot invites you on a journey through its meticulously crafted details. From its inception to its flawless finish, every element exudes the charm of our rich heritage.

Symbolism and Craftsmanship

Perched gracefully on blooming plum branches, magpies and blossoms embody the anticipation of joy and prosperity. The intricate carvings invite you to explore their tactile beauty, offering a sensory experience that complements the visual feast.

Health Benefits of Iron Teapots

Brewing water in this cast iron vessel unleashes divalent iron ions, aiding in iron absorption. With each use, the pot gains a unique allure, showcasing its exceptional craftsmanship.

Effortless Pouring and Versatile Brewing

Polished to perfection, the teapot’s frosted lid prevents slippage. Its well-designed spout ensures a smooth flow of water, enhancing your brewing experience. This versatile masterpiece accommodates various tea types, effortlessly extracting their natural goodness.

Beyond Tea Brewing

Beyond its primary purpose, this teapot serves as a source of iron replenishment. Its ability to soften water transforms the taste of your tea, adding a touch of sweetness and smoothness. Its classic design brings a sense of tranquility and pastoral charm to any setting.


• Material: Cast Iron
• Dimensions: Length 6.9″, Diameter 5.9″, Height 8.7″
• Capacity: 49.3 oz (1400 ml)


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