Glass Tea Pot – Japanese Electric Ceramic Heater Style


Material: Heat-proof glass
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: Heat-proof glass
The grade of product quality: qualified product
Style: Japanese

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Smooth filtering
The tea soup is clear and slag-free
The filter seam is thin and long, the water is fast, and the filter is clean

The Glass Teapot is a truly unique and elegant teapot that is perfect for those who want to make their tea perfectly. This teapot is handcrafted by master craftsmen using the finest quality, heat-resistant glass, ensuring that it is not only functional, but also beautiful. The glass material allows you to fully appreciate the visual experience of watching your tea leaves unfurl and bloom, whether it be a flowering tea or the gentle infusion of traditional loose leaf tea. This teapot is perfect for any kind of tea, and allows you to fully appreciate the nuances of taste and aroma in your tea.

The teapot features a large, heat-resistant glass that will not burn your hands or fingers. The Cognac handle is a unique touch that adds elegance and style to the teapot. Simply place it on a teapot warmer to heat it up and enjoy hot tea all day. The glass teapot is also the healthiest way to brew tea as it is made with high-quality, heat-resistant glass that is safe for use and easy to clean.

The Glass Teapot is an elegant and functional addition to any tea set. It’s not only a beautiful way to enjoy tea but also safe and healthy as well. The handle makes it easy to hold and enjoy your tea. The glass material allows you to watch your tea leaves unfurl and bloom, making it an enjoyable experience to savor every sip of your tea.

Additional information

Weight 0.7 kg

Flat glass teapot for steaming and boiling, Hammer-painted teapot for steaming and boiling


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