Jasmine Flower Tea – Fragrant and Delicious Beverage

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Ingredients: baked green tea, Jasmine
Storage methods: sealed, dry, moisture proof, low temperature
Shelf life: 540 days
Food additives: none
Packaging mode: Packaging
Packaging Type: Boxed
Tea species: Jasmine
Origin: China
Applicable Season: Winter, spring, summer and autumn

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Tea Garden

The largest Jasmine base in China is located in Hengxian County, Nanning City, Guangxi, with a planting area of 100,000 mu. The county has a long history of planting jasmine flowers. It is said that the history of planting jasmine flowers in Hengxian County is six or seven hundred years. The jasmine flowers in Hengxian County have early flowering period, long flowering period, large buds, high yield, good quality, strong fragrance and famous State Forestry Bureau and Chinese flowers.

mo li
The association is named “the hometown of Chinese jasmine”. Hengxian Jasmine is famous for its early flowering period, long flowering period, large bud yield, good quality and strong fragrance.

Selected Guangxi Longzhu Tea Green as raw material, mixed with jasmine flowers with buds, so that it can fully absorb the fragrance and moisture of jasmine flowers, until the jasmine flowers gradually withered, screening out the withered flowers and drying the green tea. So follow suit, it can be completed after eight times.mo li

Tea characteristics

Tea-making master personally made the jasmine dragon beads tightly knotted and curled into spheres, which highlighted the quality of tea everywhere. Tea-making master’s technique, each process is sophisticated and sophisticated, made of jasmine dragon beads, fragrant flowers, sweet back, fragrant and foam-resistant!

The tea soup is golden, clear and beautiful. The tea soup is surrounded by cash circles. After brewing, the tea soup is soft and clear, and the fragrance of jasmine is strong!

Once you taste a cup of high quality Jasmine Dragon Ball from Tea Making Masters, the soft tea soup flows between the lips and teeth, and your mouth will be full of jasmine flower fragrance. And the fragrance is strong and pleasant, your teeth will have fragrance after tasting, and your mouth will be full of saliva.

Every process is done by the tea-making master himself, with strict checks at every level, and striving for excellence in Taoism. The finished tea is packaged after repeated screening, showing that the bottom of the leaves after brewing is complete and uniform, soft and tender green, beautiful and tender, buds and leaves intersect, highlighting the quality of tea makers!

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 5%, 500g (17.5oz) SAVE 10%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)

1 review for Jasmine Flower Tea – Fragrant and Delicious Beverage

  1. Mares

    The color of the soup is very clear. I don’t put much tea, but when it is soaked, half a cup of tea is opened. The light fragrance of jasmine is fragrant. The tea tastes strong and the taste is mellow.

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