Jingdezhen Dragon Ceramic Tea Set


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## Authentic Jingdezhen Dragon Ceramic Tea Set

Prepare your tea perfectly with the stunning Authentic Jingdezhen Dragon Ceramic Tea Set, renowned for its exquisite artistry and exceptional quality.

### Exquisite Craftsmanship

Crafted in Dehua, Fujian Province, this tea set is made from premium mineral clay, precision-fired to transform it into a masterpiece. Its high-quality Topaz glaze is adorned with intricate blue hues depicting a magnificent golden dragon soaring through the waves.

### Seamless Function and Comfort

Ingeniously designed, the teapot’s spout ensures smooth pouring, while the thickened glazed handle provides a comfortable grip. The finely polished base prevents scratches on any surface.

### Cultural Heritage

A testament to the profound Chinese tea culture, this tea set embodies practicality, aesthetic value, and cultural significance. Its sophistication is recognized worldwide and coveted by tea enthusiasts throughout history.

### Revitalizing and Mindful

Indulge in the traditional Chinese tea-drinking experience, allowing every nuance of flavor and aroma to awaken your senses. The practice of tea drinking fosters physical and mental harmony, promoting calmness and focus.

### The Perfect Gift

Present a cherished gift to friends or family, or display it proudly on your shelf or desk. Its timeless design and intricate details make it a treasure to behold.

### Material and Specifications

* Material: Porcelain
* Weight: 1 kg
* Includes: 6 Cups, 1 Teapot, Tea Strainer
* Capacity of Teapot: 420 ml (14.2 oz)
* Capacity of Tea Cups: 90 ml (3 oz)


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