Luxurious Automatic Crane Tea Set Adorned with Sterling Silver


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**Automatic Crane Tea Set With Sterling Silver**

Indulge in the serenity of traditional Chinese tea ceremonies with the Automatic Crane Tea Set With Sterling Silver. Crafted with premium Dehua clay, this exquisite set boasts exceptional durability and exquisite design.

**Tea Purity Enhanced**

Experience enhanced tea purity with the built-in stainless steel filter. It effortlessly removes tea residue, allowing you to savor the authentic aroma and full flavor of your brew.

**Effortless Operation**

With a simple push, the tea effortlessly flows out, creating a seamless tea-drinking experience. The split design simplifies cleaning, while the smooth base protects your surfaces.

**Combination of Art and Utility**

This stunning tea set is a testament to both artistry and practicality. Its elegant style and refined craftsmanship make it a true centerpiece, while its functionality enhances your tea enjoyment.

**Perfect Balance of Tradition and Modernity**

Escape into the ritual of Chinese tea drinking and immerse yourself in its rich cultural history. The Automatic Crane Tea Set With Sterling Silver invites you to experience the true essence of tea, fostering tranquility and mindfulness.

**Multiple Benefits**

Beyond its beauty and utility, this tea set also offers therapeutic benefits when enjoyed in solitude. Its calming aura promotes focus and emotional well-being.

**Exceptional Gift Idea**

As a thoughtful gift for friends, family, or tea enthusiasts, the Automatic Crane Tea Set With Sterling Silver will bring joy and inspire a deep appreciation for the art of tea. Its elegant presence will adorn any shelf or desk.


* Material: Ceramic
* Weight: 2.5 kg
* Includes:
* 1 Teapot (L: 9 cm, H: 8.8 cm, 220 ml)
* 6 Tea Cups (L: 5.5 cm, H: 4.5 cm, 53 ml)
* 1 Fair Cup (L: 14.5 cm, H: 7.5 cm, 225 ml)
* 1 Tea Filter Holder


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