Relif Lotus Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set


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## Exquisite Purple Clay Lotus Relief Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the captivating artistry of this meticulously handcrafted Lotus Relief Tea Set, crafted from exceptional purple clay ceramic.

Its unglazed finish and fine polishing reveal a captivating texture that whispers with each touch. Clay materials dance upon its surface, forming lifelike images that evoke an air of ancient elegance.

The curved spout ensures a gentle flow of tea, while the ear-shaped handle offers a secure grip. Three-dimensional relief patterns adorn the set, adding a touch of classic vintage charm that permeates the atmosphere.

Each piece in this set is a testament to artistry and cultural significance. Let tea-time transform into an immersive experience that transcends mere refreshment and embraces the exquisite blend of art and beverage.


* 1 Teapot (210 ml / 7.1 oz)
* 6 Tea Cups (60 ml / 2.02 oz)
* 1 Host Cup
* 1 Fair Cup (240 ml / 8.11 oz)
* 1 Tea Strainer
* 1 Tea Washer
* 1 Gift Box


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