Ru Kiln Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Cups for Household Use

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Material: Pottery
Origin: Dehua County
Tea strainer: 1
Tea Sea: 1
Tea Cup: 6

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Cover Bowl + Automatic Base: 1.7 cm long, 1.9 cm high, 1.85 ml capacity

Tea Sea: length 15.5cm, height 8.1cm, capacity 150ml
Tea Cup: length 9.6cm, height 4.2cm, capacity 65ml

* Ru kiln in Northern Song Dynasty
Ru kiln is one of the five famous kilns of Song Dynasty in China. It is specially used for making porcelain for the court, that is, “Ru official porcelain”.
Mr. Li kuchan, a master of traditional Chinese painting, once said: “it is difficult to say that there is no Ru in the world’s museums. Ruzhou folk also has a word of mouth that “even if there is a wealth of wealth, it is better than Ru porcelain pieces”.

This RU Kiln Automatic Tea Set is an essential addition for anyone wishing to experience Chinese tea-making at home or office.

The RU Kiln Automatic Tea Set is the ideal way to create traditional Chinese tea ceremonies at home. Crafted from ceramic material with high-grade components, this durable set makes pouring easy while its strainer prevents loose leaves from entering cups during ceremonies. Furthermore, specially-designed cups keep your beverage hot throughout its ritual as well as come equipped with handles on either side for easy serving.

This RU Kiln Automatic Tea Set is ideal for all forms of Kung Fu tea-making techniques. From hosting traditional ceremonies to enjoying daily cups of tea, this set has everything needed to get you going quickly! Plus, its elegant yet simple design will add flair and beauty to your home or office space.

Beautiful handmade ceramic design featuring two cups, one teapot and one teacup complete with strainer and saucer is included as part of this stunning handmade ceramic set for both special occasions and everyday use. Perfect for traditional Kung Fu tea making techniques and adding elegance to any home or office environment

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Ru Kiln Junyi Pot Set, Straight mouth cup set, Time to revolve the dragon handle cup set

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  1. John Zitzmann

    Good quality and looks great

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