Silver-Lined Chinese Wedding Tea Set


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Exquisite Chinese Wedding Tea Set with Inner Sterling Silver

Indulge in the traditional artistry of an authentic Chinese Wedding Tea Set adorned with the opulent gleam of inner sterling silver. This meticulously handcrafted set exudes elegance and cultural significance for any special occasion.

### Intricate Design and Craftsmanship

The high-quality ceramic clay, fired at high temperatures, provides the tea set with exceptional durability and a pleasing heft. The iconic gaiwan features a split design, allowing for effortless cleaning and a secure grip.

The tea set showcases the artistry of traditional silver flow and manual silver drawing techniques, resulting in an exquisite and timeless design. The attention to detail is evident in every element, from the intricate patterns to the delicate curves.

### Enhanced Tea Infusing Experience

Experience the unparalleled flavor of tea with the efficient filter screen of the tea strainer. It expertly separates tea leaves from tea, ensuring a smooth and flavorful brew.

The caddy boasts exceptional sealing performance, effectively preserving the delicate aroma of your favorite teas. Savor the freshness and quality of tea with every sip.

### Cultural Significance

In China’s vibrant wedding traditions, tea ceremonies hold immense importance. The exchange of tea symbolizes respect, gratitude, and the union of families. This tea set is the perfect vessel to honor these cherished cultural practices.

### Ideal Wedding Gift

As a wedding gift, the Chinese Wedding Tea Set with Inner Sterling Silver embodies taste and tradition. It represents the best wishes for a harmonious and prosperous future for the newlyweds.

### Comprehensive Set

– 1 Gaiwan
– 6 Tea Cups
– 1 Fair Cup
– 1 Tea Strainer
– 1 Caddy

### Dimensions

– Tea Cup: Diameter 6.3 cm, Height 7.5 cm, Capacity 75 ml
– Fair Cup: Diameter 9 cm, Height 9.5 cm, Capacity 240 ml
– Caddy: Diameter 9 cm, Height 11.5 cm, Capacity 125 ml
– Gaiwan: Diameter 10.6 cm, Height 8.4 cm, Capacity 170 ml
– Tea Strainer: Diameter 13 cm, Height 5 cm

Elevate your wedding or special occasion with this exquisite Chinese Wedding Tea Set with Inner Sterling Silver, a testament to timeless craftsmanship and cultural heritage.


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