Chrysanthemum Flower Tea – Premium Quality Wholesale Leaves


Storage methods: dry, low temperature, sealed, odor-proof
Shelf life: 365 days
Packaging mode: Bulk
Organic Food or not: No
Tea species: Chrysanthemum
Chrysanthemum tea species: Chrysanthemum
Origin: China
Sugar or not: sugar-free
Applicable Season: Winter, spring, summer and autumn

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Tea Garden

Tong Xiang, the hometown of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum. During the history, Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum and Long Jing Tea were praised as one of the eight traditional export flavors of Zhejiang Province. Tong Xiang has unique natural growth conditions.
The chrysanthemum is the unopened bud of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum. The dried flowers are full, thick and complete, and each flower is full and golden. With a bubble of water, the blooming chrysanthemum flutters in the water like gold. The fragrance is sweet, the chrysanthemum is refreshing and pleasant, and the charm of nature is relaxing.

Tea characteristics

Almost all the plant essence of Hangzhou White Chrysanthemum in one year is concentrated in the “first picking” of the chrysanthemum, which is rare in quantity and even more precious!
Our first picking – the King of Chrysanthemum, full in shape, uniform in size; petals are golden, which slightly opens; calyx is green.

[Appearance] Bright yellow buds, green calyx petals, which is slightly spherical open, and about 1 cm in size.
[Fragrance] It is the fragrance of natural flowers and plants, like a Confucian, gentle and elegant, which is not strong and nose pungent, and no medicinal taste.
[Tea Soup color] Bright yellow and green, which is very clear.
[Taste] Alcohol and easy, refreshing and moist, not strong and no medicinal taste. There is a slight bitter taste when first drink it, but there is a slight sweet aftertaste.
[Market comparison] It is the authentic Tong Xiang Festival Chrysanthemum King, the first-class first picking, and it has scarce resources, and high prices, while impersonating Tong Xiang Chrysanthemum in the field of Chrysanthemum production is several times more than Tong Xiang Chrysanthemum in number, and they have low prices, and it is difficult to ensure product quality for their Chrysanthemum.
[Preservation method] Sealed, dry and light-proof cryogenic refrigerator.

Additional information

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100g (3.5oz), 200g (7oz) SAVE 5%, 500g (17.5oz) SAVE 10%, Sample 20g (10g * 2)


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