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Super Strong Fragrance Moonlight Women Bulk Pu’er Tea – Raw Tea



Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Import or not: No
Is it pre-packaged food: No
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Bulk
The shelf life: more than 12 months (months)
Date of production: 2017
Storage method: dry, ventilation
Species: Pu’er Raw Tea

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Tea characteristics

The Moonlight Women Tea is very fragrant, and its shape is strange. The upper part is white and the lower part is black, just like the moonlight shining on the tea teeth. The soup is first yellow, then red and then yellow, cool and transparent. Once brewed, the fragrance is overflowing and the entrance is endless. With the fragrance of Oolong and the mellow and peculiar taste of Pu’er tea, it is a good tea product worth tasting and collecting. Moonlight White Tea, also known as Moonlight Tea, is a characteristic tea in Pu’er Tea.

The picking method of the Moonlight Women Tea is unique. In early spring, before 9 o’clock in the morning, collect one bud and two leaves of Jingmaishan wild ancient tree tea with dew. Put the fresh buds placed in the soil foundation room. The fresh leaves were naturally cooled on the dustpan by non-twisting processing technology, withered and fermented for a long time. The leaves were dried by low-temperature process and natural hot wind. During the period, the sun could not be seen and it should be naturally fermented under the moon.

moonlight tea


Cooling, eliminating fire, decreasing acne, regulating endocrine, dredging channels and collaterals. Besides, the effect of this tea is more prominent in cosmetology, skin moisture, fat reduction and weight loss. It contains tea polyphenols, lipopolysaccharides, amino acids and caffeine. Therefore, it not only can reduce weight, but also can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride. It is an indisputable fact that extracts from tea have been used for cosmetic and skin care for a long time. The Moonlight Beauty Tea contains AHAS (alkyd), which can remove dead skin and make new cells reach the skin surface more quickly, thus making the skin compact, reducing wrinkles and white and flawless.

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