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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Origin: Yunnan
Warranty period: more than 12 months
Storage method: dry ventilation
Net Content (Specification): 357
Outer packing: carton
Internal packing: cotton
Specialty: Yes.
Level: Super Level
Features: Green Food
Category: Cake Tea
Organic food: non-organic
Green Food: Green Food

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The shape of the cake is uniform, moderately tight and the ropes are tight.

Pu’er is an old dry canopy with red-brown color, dense golden buds and oily appearance. It is a rare good tea with stone grinding and pressing technology, traditional hand-kneading of sun-dried green tea and moderate elasticity of tea.

The soup is red and bright, and the fragrance of Chen is rich.

Strict selection of materials has created a unique fragrance, mellow and sweet taste, full taste. After 1-2 soaks of tea-washing/waking-up tea, the tea is tasted with a cup of tea, swallowed smoothly, the fragrance is obvious, the lips and teeth are fragrant, the mouth is full of vitality, and the aftertaste is endless. It is impossible to drink this kind of taste without skilled technology, strict selection of materials and preservation in a pure dry warehouse! The quality of the old tea factory is trustworthy!

Thick and plump leaf bottom with high foam resistance

The bottom of the leaves is full of activity, oily and lustrous, and can be soaked 15 – 20 times!

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3 reviews for Yunnan Xinghai Ripe Pu Erh Tea Cake 357g | Chenxiang Flavor | Qizicai Wholesale

  1. Michelle

    I have purchase this product twice now and love it. Great flavor

  2. Wesley

    This cake is absolutely awesome. the aroma is difficult to describe but is almost like a really pleasant, light perfume. the taste is almost like apple juice. really pleased and definitely ordering again very soon as I’m moving through the cake quite fast. very please and surprised with the quality considering how affordable it was.

  3. Jackson Yee

    Okay, I try to like it.

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