Yunnan Menghai Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea Cake – Wholesale – 357g

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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Is it a pre-packaged food: Yes
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Storage method: cool and dry
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)
Specialty or not: Yes
Organic Food: No
Green Food: No

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Tea Garden

Fertile soil, suitable temperature. Between spring and summer, the cloud is gathering among the deep valley, while the fog is covered around the tea mountain, which provides unique natural conditions for tea cultivation and planting.

Tea cake

It is made of traditional hand-made stone mill. Its cake shape is round and full, its elasticity is moderate, and its thickness is even, which is conducive to the later growing of tea.


Stripe buds and leaves are plump and complete, dark green in color, pressed by a mouthful of material inside and outside, and the buds and leaves are prominent and scattered.

Tea soup

The tea soup is fragrant, delicate, smooth and soft. It is melt as you drink it, and the sweetness return and water producing is fast and ever-lasting. Your throat will feel clear and cool, the tea soup is full and the taste is varied.

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3 reviews for Yunnan Menghai Ancient Tree Pu’er Tea Cake – Wholesale – 357g

  1. just_monicat

    This was my first time buying pu-erh tea. It smells like a smoker room in the 1960s and tastes great. I like strange smells like that(don’t know why) the tea is tuly rock hard, I did not know this going in so be careful breaking off a piece. It comes in a nice envelope and is wrapped in tissue paper inside that. For regular tea drinkers I would recommend it. Its different but some tea drinkers are looking for just that.

  2. John Chang

    I enjoy tea daily, all throughout the day. I usually drink fine looseleaf Japanese green teas. This puerh brand is fantastic. The packaging is beautiful to appreciate and the tea taste is luxurious yet simple. If you are the type to appreciate looseleaf teas and the whole teapot experience, this is a must try.

  3. LeRay

    Nice, dark, and rich! I love this one!!

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