Portable Porcelain One Pot Two Cups Kung Fu Tea Set For Travelling


Style: Minimalism
Material: Porcelain
Origin: Dehua County
Capacity: 200ml

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Introspective and quiet, natural and simple

The grain sense of black porcelain presents a natural, simple, introverted and quiet of Oriental Zen.

Pointy spout

The pointy spout is designed with a rhythmic discharge and a sharp water break.

Self-contained filter

The spout comes with a filter function, and the built-in filter has a round hole that can effectively separate the tea leaves and gruel of millet flour and sugar.

The design of anti-scalding

The design of anti-scalding handles on both sides not only plays a beautiful role, but also plays a role of anti-scalding.

Sample tea cup: the width is 3.6cm, the length is 3.6cm, the capacity is 50ml.

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