Traditional Cast Iron Pine Teapot with Welcome Greeting


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Guest-Greeting Pine Cast Iron Teapot: Elevate Your Tea Brewing Experience

This exquisite Guest-Greeting Pine Cast Iron Teapot is meticulously crafted from iron, ensuring exceptional heat retention. Its elevated temperature enhances the infusion process, yielding a richly flavored tea. The heat-resistant hoop handle, adorned with hemp rope, provides a comfortable and secure grip, while the sturdy lid prevents accidental spills.

Designed with a precise water outlet, this teapot ensures a smooth and effortless pour. The intricate Guest-Greeting Pine engraving adorning the teapot’s body conveys the host’s warm welcome.

Prolonged use of the Guest-Greeting Pine Cast Iron Teapot has therapeutic benefits. Iron released by the teapot replenishes the body’s iron stores, alleviating anemia. Additionally, iron promotes the production of hemoglobin, transporting oxygen throughout the body.

Moreover, iron has a remarkable ability to soften water, enhancing its flavor and imparting freshness to your tea. Immerse yourself in a serene and pastoral experience with every sip from this exceptional teapot.

  • Material: Cast Iron
  • Dimensions: Length 18 cm (7.1″), Diameter 9 cm (3.5″), Height 22 cm (8.7″)
  • Capacity: 1200 ml or 40.58 oz.


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