Versatile Japanese-Style Travel Tea Set


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Exceptional Multifunctional Japanese-Style Portable Tea Set

Immerse yourself in the art of tea with this exquisite multifunctional tea set. Crafted from superior clay and fired at exceptional temperatures, this set exudes durability and resilience, ensuring it can withstand both high temperatures and the rigors of tea ceremonies.

Its captivating matte black exterior, adorned with intricate hand-drawn mountain and bird graffiti, exudes both elegance and a touch of playful artistry. The versatile design seamlessly combines the functionality of a tea tray and storage box, making it ideal for both casual tea drinking and sophisticated tea ceremonies.

The water tray and bracket, constructed from durable stainless steel, not only support the tea box but also prevent corrosion from spilled tea. The thoughtful addition of a stand allows you to use them separately as a convenient draining rack.


  • 6 Tea Cups
  • 1 Teapot (260 ml / 8.79 oz, 14.3 cm / 5.6 inches length, 12.8 cm / 5.0 inches height)
  • 1 Fair Cup (210 ml / 7.1 oz, 9.3 cm / 3.6 inches length, 6.5 cm / 2.5 inches height)
  • 1 Tea Tray (25 cm / 9.84 inches length, 11 cm / 4.3 inches height)

This comprehensive set empowers you to engage in the ancient ritual of tea drinking with ease and artistry. Whether you seek a meditative moment or a shared experience with loved ones, it will effortlessly enhance your tea ceremony. Enjoy the harmonious fusion of practicality and beauty with this exceptional Multifunctional Japanese-Style Portable Tea Set.


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