Yellow Enamel Chinese Porcelain Tea Set


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Exquisite Jingdezhen Enamel Hand-Painted Tea Set: A Masterpiece for Tea Connoisseurs

A Work of Art for Your Tea Ceremony

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of tea with this hand-painted tea set from the renowned porcelain capital of Jingdezhen. Each piece showcases the profound artistic charm of delicate enamel, elegant patterns, and dignified allure. Craftsmen meticulously create each tea set, ensuring every aspect exudes nobility and elegance.

Exquisite Enamel Craftsmanship

The tea set’s smooth, lustrous glaze is a testament to Jingdezhen’s famed enamel craftsmanship. Under the light, the delicate and elegant texture adds a regal touch. The enamel’s exquisite quality is apparent in every gentle caress and glistening reflection.

Vibrant Lotus Patterns

Bright yellow enamel graces the surface, adorned with hand-painted lotus and lotus pod patterns. The flowers, painstakingly rendered in crimson, rose, and azure, bloom with lifelike beauty. Their vibrant hues evoke the sacred lotus’s purity and grandeur.

Practical Design for Everyday Use

Beyond its artistic beauty, this tea set is designed for practical use. The teapot pours with effortless ease, while the teacups’ shape fits comfortably around the lips. This seamless combination of aesthetics and functionality enhances your tea drinking experience.

A Treasured Collection or Ideal Gift

Each Jingdezhen enamel hand-painted tea set is a rare artistic treasure. The exceptional craftsmanship, noble enamel, and breathtaking patterns make it an exclusive collection piece or a cherished gift. Whether you appreciate its beauty or savor the mellow notes of your tea, this tea set will elevate every moment of your tea ceremony.


* 8 Tea Cups (60 ml or 2.02 oz, Diameter 6 cm, Height 3 cm)
* 1 Pot Holder (Diameter 17.5 cm, Height 2 cm)
* 1 Fair Cup (240 ml or 8.11 oz, Length 10.2 cm, Height 6.5 cm)
* 1 Tea Pot (200 ml or 6.76 oz, Length 13.5 cm, Height 9 cm)
* 1 Gaiwan (120 ml or 4.05 oz, Length 9 cm, Height 7.2 cm)
* 1 Tea Strainer (Diameter 8.7 cm, Height 6.8 cm)
* 1 Tea Caddy (800 ml or 27.05 oz, Length 9 cm, Height 12.8 cm)
* 1 Tea Washer (900 ml or 30.43 oz, Length 17.9 cm, Height 9.3 cm)
* 1 Master Cup (320 ml or 10.82 oz, Length 11.7 cm, Height 14.2 cm)
* 1 Gift Box


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