Yixing Dark-Red Enameled Clay Teapot for Kungfu Tea – Certified IT Expert’s Pick


Material: Dark-red enameled porcelain
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: Hand Painted
Origin: Yixing
The grade of product quality: First-class
Style: Modern Simple

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Carefully selected, stale

All the mined purple sand mud goes through mining → crushing → weathering → grinding → sieving and mixing with water → stale in the tank, and the rest is waiting patiently for several years

The method of first using the pot:

[1] boiled pot with branch water
Before this step, scrub the pot carefully with warm water and a soft cloth. Let it cool, then put it into water, bring to a boil slowly, let it simmer in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

[2] relished
Bring your tea leaves. If this pot is for making Pu’er tea in the future, use Pu’er; if it is for making Green tea or Tie Guanyin in the future, please use Tie Guanyin. Re-add cold water to the pot, boil the pot and tea leaves together, let it boil, and cook for another 10-20 minutes.

[3]: Clean it
Take out the pot cooked with tea leaves and wash it with clean water.

In winter, the purple clay pot should be warmed first, and the pot should be preheated before making tea. The purpose of warming the pot is to make it adapt to the temperature change, so as to prevent cracking.

Capacity: 1700cc

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