Authentic Yixing Purple Clay Teapot with Dark-Red Enamel Finish


Material: dark-red enameled porcelain
With the function of boiling water: No
Surface technics: Hand painted
Tea ceremony accessories: None
Origin: Yixing
The grade of product quality: First-class
Style: The Classical Tradition
Capacity: 220cc±10cc

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(Introduction) Jinglan pot is a classic type of pot. It is made of purple clay. It has a short body and neck, a slightly higher lid than the edge of the spout, a loose bridge button, a changeable spout and a handle. This pot is quite a legacy of traditional well fence, with simple shape, simple and smooth line and surface, and has no feeling of stagnant.

(Characteristics of mud) The sandy earth is heavy, like a simple and real peasant, with long use, it gradually reveals its sharpness and changes a lot, warm and solemn. The lines are beautiful and natural, the spout and handle are coordinated, and the body barrel with the slender handle is more elegant.

Total diameter: 13cm Mouth diameter: 5.7cm Total height: 6cm

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