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Yixing Mine Old Clay Purple Sand Kung Fu Tea Set Carved Tea Pot Set



Material: Purple Sand
Specification: One pot, Six Cups
Origin: Dehua
Whether there are patents: No
Surface Process: Purple Sand
Tea Plate or Not: No
Support Customization: Yes
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: Qualified Product
Applicable Scene: Home Use

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Tea Cup: diameter 5.5cm, height 3cm, capacity 30ml

* Introverted and Quiet
The shape of the spout is simple and comfortable. It is clean and powerful like a water column, and the sound is beautiful.
* Ancient Charm and Elegance
The water flow is smooth and the water supply is cut off smoothly. It’s as clean and powerful as a water column, and its voice is beautiful.
* Meticulous Work
Every detail should be strictly controlled and every process should be carefully controlled. Fine pursuit of refinement, the pursuit of quality is our concept.
* Ancient Charm and Elegance
It is simple and easy to handle. Make tea mellow, fragrance not lax.

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