Yixing Purple Clay Tea Set with Japanese Influences


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Yixing Purple Clay Japanese-Style Tea Set: A Symphony of Elegance and Practicality

This exquisite Yixing Purple Clay Japanese-Style Tea Set embodies the perfect blend of artistry and functionality. Crafted from premium raw ore purple clay, it undergoes meticulous high-temperature firing, resulting in a thickened material that enhances its durability and warmth retention.

The teapot features an intricate textured body, a non-scalding lifting beam handle, and a solid, precisely fitting lid. The elegant spout and teapot outline ensure seamless water flow and clean cutoff.

Each tea cup boasts a rounded mouth for effortless sipping and a finely polished base to safeguard surfaces. The absence of chemical coatings ensures safe and healthful enjoyment.

Distinctive Characteristics: A Testament to Quality

* Unique Adsorption: The porous nature of Yixing purple clay allows it to absorb and retain tea aromas, enhancing the sensory experience over time.
* Enhanced with Use: The more frequently this tea set is used, the more lustrous, smooth, and beautiful it becomes, showcasing the captivating nature of the purple clay material.
* Thermal Resistance: Capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, this tea set can be heated directly on the stove without cracking or damage.

An Enriching Ritual: Enjoyment Elevated

Elevate your tea-drinking experience with this enchanting Yixing Purple Clay Japanese-Style Tea Set. It comprises:

* 1 generously sized teapot (length: 17.8 cm; height: 17.4 cm; capacity: 860 ml)
* 6 gracefully sculpted tea cups (length: 7 cm; height: 6.2 cm; capacity: 130 ml)

Indulge in moments of tranquility as the warmth of your favorite tea permeates the intricate design of this exceptional tea set. Its timeless beauty and unparalleled practicality will make it a cherished addition to your home, leaving a lasting impression on guests and tea enthusiasts alike.


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