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Purple clay teapot is the best tea set for Pu’er tea. Pu’er tea has been sitting in the purple clay teapot for the longest time, both of which have collection attributes; both of them are getting better with age and aroma; they perfectly combine to bring endless enjoyment to tea lovers; when they merge into one, they possess the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Therefore, Pu’er tea tastes better when brewed in a purple clay teapot.

Purple sand pot and Pu’er tea, one is made of natural mud sand, and the other is made of wild buds. In the exchange of fire and water, it exudes the grace of nature to people. Why do people say that Pu’er tea tastes better when steeped in a purple sand pot? Take a look at the benefits of steeping Pu’er tea in a purple sand pot to find out.

I. Zisha pottery is a type of pottery made from sand hammer chain which neither robs the tea fragrance nor has a strong broth smell, thus making it ideal for brewing tea with both color and aroma.

Second, the sandstone teapot can absorb the tea juice, and after a period of time, “tea rust” will accumulate in the empty pot. Therefore, boiling water poured into the pot also has a pleasant aroma of tea.

Third, it is easy to wash, but if unused for a long time, an unpleasant smell may occur. You can soak it in boiling water two or three times and then pour cold water afterwards. This will retain the original tea flavor.

Fourth: Strong adaptability to sudden changes of temperature, hot and cold; In the winter and late winter, even when injected with boiling water, it will not burst due to sudden changes in temperature; Moreover, the sand texture has slow heat conduction and is not hot to the touch no matter how it is touched or held.

Fifth, Purple Sand Pottery is resistant to heat, in winter it can be placed on a warm fire for making tea, and the pot will not easily burst. Su Dongpo used a Purple Sand Pottery Liangpot to make tea, and there was the poem “The wind in the pines, the teapot calling,” which was certainly not coincidental. Even overseas people call Purple Sand Pots “non-toxic tableware”, and often use them, which can extend life and benefit health. This is why both ancient and modern people who pay attention to drinking tea all specially love to use Purple Sand Pots.

We already know that Pu’er tea tastes better when brewed with a purple clay teapot, but to brew a satisfactory cup of Pu’er tea we also need to do the following:

I. Preparation of Pu’er Tea: Mineral water or purified water should be used and the temperature should be between 90°C and 100°C boiling water for ideal results.

Part II: Tea Measurement: Use a tea knife to layer the tea cakes (Tuocha, Brick) gently and pry them out. The amount of tea taken can be determined according to the number of people drinking tea. If there are few people, 8-10 grams of Pu’er tea can be taken, and 15-20 grams if there are many.

Third, awakening tea: Put the tea leaves into the teapot, then pour in hot water (in addition to awakening tea, it also has the effect of improving the purity of tea leaves) and pour out.

Steps for Brewing Pu’er Tea:
1. Heat the teapot with hot water.
2. Put Pu’er tea into the teapot.
3. Pour hot water into the teapot to rinse tea leaves, then pour out the rinse water immediately.
4. Pour hot water into the teapot again and start brewing, and adjust the brewing time according to your preference.
5. Serve tea in a cup or an individual teacup.

Equipment: Prepare the tea set and Pu’er tea.

2. Thermal Pot and Washbasin: Put boiled water into the teapot to mainly act as a thermos and cup warmer, while also being able to wash dishes.

3. Tea Making: Place Pu’er tea into the teapot.

4. Rinsing tea: Boil water poured into the pot, quickly pour it away to wake up the tea.

5. Steeping Tea: Master the steeping time according to the actual situation.

6. Pouring Tea: Pour the tea soup from the kettle into the gongdao cup, keeping the soup evenly thick and light, then divide it evenly into small cups.

It is as introduced above that the purple clay teapot is better for brewing Pu’er tea. Brewing tea is not just to quench thirst, but also requires high quality tea leaves, tea sets and brewing techniques. The tea brewed in this way must be fragrant and moisten the throat.