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Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Is it a pre-packaged food: Yes
Origin: Yunnan
Selling mode: Packaging
Date of production: May 6, 2008
Storage method: Storage under the conditions of clean, ventilated, light-proof, dry and odorless
Net Content (Specification): 357 (g)
Specialty: Yes
Grade: Super Level

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Tea Garden

The name of Banzhang Pu’er Tea producing area is from an old saying, namely, the good wine is in good chateau, while the good Pu’er Tea is in Special Mountain. Yunnan Pu’er Tea has different taste because of its different geographical environment. From the beginning of the ancient tea-horse road in history, the name of the mountain has been used to define the special taste of Pu’er Tea. Banzhang is Yunnan Pu’er tea produced by the old Banzhang Village Committee and the new Banzhang Village Committee in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna. Fertile soil, suitable temperature. During spring and summer, the cloud stays together in deep valley, while the fog is around the tea mountain. Thus it provides unique natural conditions for tea cultivation and planting.

Tea characteristics
  • Aroma: Banzhang Valley Flowers stored for one year are more stable than the new tea.
  • Soup color: Compared with the new tea, the color of the soup is yellower and brighter. With the storage time, the color of the soup will turn golden and oily. The tea soup will be thicker.
  • Leaf bottom: The tea is mainly made from one bud and two leaves. The bottom of the leaf is full, the veins are clear, the leaves are flexible and the fresh activity is high.

Tea soup has a smooth and mellow taste and a bright red color. There is no slight water sense. After the entrance of the tea soup, fragrance slowly spread out all your mouth. After drinking, it is sweet and smooth. The color of tea soup is red and bright, the fragrance is strong, and the taste is mellow, smooth and sweet and full.

Good tea comes from good raw materials and good technology. Good ripe tea not only needs good raw materials, but also has excellent artificial fermentation technology, both of which are indispensable. This ripe tea is a better fermentation master in Menghai. The ripeness of fermentation is just right. It inherits the years of Pu’er with gold and inherits the simple taste of Pu’er fermented tea.


Brewing Method

The first two brewing: the soup is smooth when drinking, and the soup is thick and sticky. The fragrance is fresh fragrant (the fragrance of the new tea cake is stronger, the fragrance is restrained after storing for a year, but more stable)
After 3 brewing: The sweet emerges back, the color is attractive like the spring. There is a slight astringency on both cheeks of the mouth, but no convergence feeling. Close the lips, breathe in and breathe out, the throat will feel cool, and the mouth is covered with sweetness and water.

To 8 brewing: make two brewing again. Except for the tea soup is still slightly astringent, there are no other defects.
After 10 brewing: continue to brew, tea soup becomes light, and the tail water is clear and sweet.

Additional information

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4 reviews for Ban Zhang Pure Material Pu Erh Tea Cake – 357g | Rare Old Tree Tea from Big Trees

  1. Gerhard

    I need an example of a tea cake for a discussion. This Tea cake worked beautifully and had a wonderful presentation.

  2. A discerning reader

    A friend from China gave me some pu-erh tea years ago, and then I heard about it on Tim Ferriss’ podcast. Decided it was time to get some more. This is a very earthy tea. It is not for afternoon sipping with scones and crumpets, this is the tea to drink before digging ditches or reviewing documents for 12 hours.

  3. lynn carlton

    Very nice tea for the price. Well balanced flavor for a post fermentation pu erh

  4. Regina

    Banzhang ripe tea, famous, the brand is also very hard, the price ratio of tea cake is very good, a very good tea, very foam-resistant, aromatic.

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