Bamboo Section Side-Handle Wabi-Sabi Teapot


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## Wabi-Sabi Bamboo Section Side-Handle Teapot

**Experience the Harmony of Ancient Japanese Tradition and Modern Elegance**

Drawing inspiration from the timeless philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, this exquisite teapot embodies the beauty of simplicity and imperfection. Inspired by the serene landscapes of Tang and Song dynasty China, it embraces the charm of mottled and faded finishes, mirroring the passage of time.

**A Symphony of Black and White**

The teapot’s captivating texture is a testament to the masterful blend of ancient black clay and white glaze. This harmonious fusion creates a unique and alluring masterpiece, evoking a sense of venerable heritage.

**Practicality Meets Aesthetics**

For enhanced functionality, the teapot boasts a comfortable bamboo section side handle. This thoughtful design not only provides a secure and ergonomic grip, but also adds a subtle nod to the natural simplicity of bamboo.

**An Oasis of Serenity**

With a generous capacity of 280 ml (9.56 oz), this teapot is perfect for brewing a solitary cup or sharing precious moments with loved ones. Its dimensions of Length 16.2 cm (6.37 inches) and Height 10 cm (3.93 inches) make it a compact and elegant addition to any tea enthusiast’s collection.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of Wabi-Sabi with this exquisitely crafted bamboo section side-handle teapot. Let its timeless charm and practical design elevate your tea experience to new heights of serenity and refinement.


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