Borosilicate Glass Teapot with Handmade Bamboo Handle


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Handmade Bamboo Handle Glass Teapot: Elevate Your Tea-Drinking Experience

Exceptional craftsmanship meets modern elegance in the exquisite Handmade Bamboo Handle Glass Teapot. Boasting an unparalleled blend of quality and functionality, this teapot is meticulously crafted from premium high borosilicate glass.

Unparalleled Heat and Explosion Resistance

This exceptional glass material grants the teapot exceptional heat resistance and explosion resistance. Pour boiling water into a frozen teapot without fear of breakage or shattering, a testament to its impeccable durability.

Health-Conscious Design

Rest assured that your tea-drinking experience is safe and wholesome. High borosilicate glass is devoid of harmful metals, ensuring a healthy and delightful indulgence.

Easy Maintenance for Seamless Cleaning

The teapot’s ingenious split design makes cleaning a breeze. Effortlessly disassemble it to access every nook and cranny for a spotless result.

Enhanced Tea Flavor with Internal Filter

Enjoy the purest and most flavorful tea experience with the included infuser. This internal filter effectively traps tea residue, separating it from the leaves and elevating the taste of your brew.

Ergonomic Bamboo Handle for Comfort

Grip the teapot with ease thanks to its unique bamboo handle. Heat-resistant and comfortable to hold, this handle provides a secure and pleasant experience.

Dimensions for Precision Brewing

The teapot measures a convenient 5.2 inches in height and 4.6 inches in diameter, with a generous capacity of 20.3 ounces (600 ml).

Enhance Your Tea Ritual

As a centerpiece of your tea ritual, this Handmade Bamboo Handle Glass Teapot offers an extraordinary experience. Witness the graceful unfurling of tea leaves and the vibrant dance of flowering tea unfold through its transparent walls.


  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 20.3 oz (600 ml)
  • Includes: Lid, Tea Strainer
  • Dimensions: Height: 5.2 inches (13 cm), Diameter: 4.6 inches (11.5 cm)


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