Ceramic Ruyao Tea Set – Yellow Glaze from Dehua, China


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## Exquisite Chinese Dehua Yellow Ruyao Tea Set: An Ode to Tea Ceremony Elegance

### Immerse Yourself in the Art of Tea

This extraordinary Dehua Yellow Ruyao Tea Set offers a transformative tea ceremony experience that will forever elevate your ritual. Its meticulous craftsmanship and captivating design transform each moment of tea tasting into a symphony of sensory delight.

### A Masterpiece Unraveled

Gracing the centerpiece of this set is an exquisite teapot that embodies both practicality and artistry. Inspired by the form of a stone scoop, its surface features the delicate texture of cicada wings, contrasting beautifully with its warm yellow hue. The round spout ensures a seamless pour, making every brewing experience effortless.

### Harmonious Accoutrements

Complementing the teapot is a comprehensive array of matching sandalwood tea ceremony accessories, meticulously crafted and designed to provide a seamless tea journey. From tea storage to brewing tools and even specialized equipment, every aspect of your tea ceremony is lovingly attended to.

### A Symphony for the Senses

The tea set’s alluring color exudes a mellow glow, enhancing its elegance and nobility. The unique porcelain craftsmanship of the Huangru Kiln imparts a lustrous sheen and exquisite tactility, creating an unparalleled sensory experience. Whether displayed or used, this tea set elevates your tea ceremony to an art form.

### A Gift of Distinction

Cradled within a luxurious gift box, this tea set becomes a precious possession, ready to enchant tea enthusiasts or delight friends and family. Its timeless beauty and practicality make it an unforgettable gift, adding endless joy to their tea ceremony journey.

###Embrace the Serenity

Whether admiring its striking aesthetic or savoring the soothing aroma of perfectly brewed tea, this tea set invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquil world of tea ceremony. It becomes an indispensable companion on your tea-tasting odyssey, enhancing each moment with a touch of serenity and beauty.

### Specifications:

– 8 Tea Cups (50ml/1.69oz)
– 1 Fair Cup (140 ml/4.73 oz)
– 1 Teapot (200 ml/6.76 oz)
– 1 Gaiwan (120 ml/4.05 oz)
– 1 Tea Strainer
– 1 Tea Utensil Sets (Diameter: 9 cm/3.54 in, Height: 8.5 cm/4.13 in)
– Exquisite Gift Box


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