Chinese Turquoise Peacock Automatic Tea Set: Magical Furnace Transmutation


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## Kiln-Transmuted Starry Tea Set: A Celestial Symphony for Tea Connoisseurs

Unveiling the ethereal beauty of nature captured within the confines of a tea set, our kiln-transformed starry creation is a testament to the harmonious fusion of artistry and ingenuity.

### A Cosmic Canvas of Celestial Hues

Inspired by the nocturnal tapestry above, this set captivates with an iridescent purple glaze that mimics the celestial expanse. Trace amounts of cobalt dance within the glaze, undergoing oxidation-reduction reactions during firing to create a mesmerizing shimmering effect, resembling the scattered stars of a night sky.

### Precision Brew and Pour: Intuitive Tea Rituals

Beyond its captivating aesthetics, this tea set exudes practical elegance. Its automated brewing and filtering system elevates the tea experience with unparalleled convenience. Simply manipulate the handle to effortlessly control the flow of tea.

### A Trio of Exquisite Vessels: Perfect Portions for Tranquil Moments

The set comprises an assortment of vessels designed for a nuanced tea experience:

– **Teapot:** With its 200ml capacity, the teapot provides ample space for steeping tea leaves, ensuring the ideal brew strength. (6.7 oz, Length 4.5″, Height 2.8″)

– **Fair Cup:** The fair cup serves as a vessel for blending tea leaves and water, contributing to a well-balanced infusion. (150ml capacity or 5.0 oz, Length 5.1″, Height 2.3″)

– **Tea Cup:** Six tea cups complete the set, each holding 100ml (3.3 oz), offering perfect portions for savoring the delicate flavors of your chosen tea. (Diameter 3.3″, Height 1.7″)

### The Perfect Orchestration for Unhurried Delights

Our kiln-transformed starry tea set embodies the essence of tranquility and refinement. Its celestial charm and intuitive design make it an enchanting accompaniment for moments of quiet contemplation and shared tea rituals.


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