Deer Glass and Porcelain Travel Tea Set


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Glass and Porcelain Deer Travel Tea Set

Escape into a world of serenity and tradition with the Glass and Porcelain Deer Travel Tea Set. Crafted with an exquisite deer motif, its festive red hue evokes prosperity and joyous beginnings.

Indulge in the seamless flow of water from the teapot, its spout designed for precision pouring. The thoughtfully engineered wooden handle provides thermal insulation, while the intricate inner tea strainer expertly filters tea particles for an exceptional brewing experience.

Witness the beauty of your tea through the transparent high borosilicate glass teapot. Savor the nuances of each blend as you observe its vibrant colors and delicate aromas. The accompanying teacups feature a delicate jade white porcelain interior, renowned for its flawless transparency and exceptional heat retention.

Experience the convenience and portability of this travel tea set. Its compact size and easy-to-pack components make it the perfect companion for those with active lifestyles or extended business trips. Enjoy the solace of tea in the midst of your hectic schedule or elevate your outdoor adventures with this elegantly designed tea set.

Through its refined simplicity and traditional charm, the Glass and Porcelain Deer Travel Tea Set effortlessly combines functionality and aesthetics. Its meticulous details include a perfectly designed filter to prevent any residue and ensure a clean and flavorful tea experience. This small yet versatile tea set offers portability without compromising on quality, creating the ideal opportunity to sip your favorite blend anytime, anywhere.


  • 3 Tea Cups
  • 1 Fair Cup
  • 1 Tea Strainer


  • Tea Cup: 60 x 38 cm, 35 ml
  • Fair Cup: 120 x 100cm
  • Tea Strainer: 120 x 100cm


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