Dragon and Phoenix Clay Tea Set – Yixing Zhu Ni


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**Yixing Zhu Ni Dragon Phoenix Tea Set**

This exquisitely handcrafted Yixing Zhu Ni tea set, meticulously crafted from premium Huanglong mountain clay, captivates with its timeless charm and intricate design.

**Dragon and Phoenix Embellishments**

The teapot’s graceful curves are adorned with a majestic dragon, symbolizing power and dominance. The fair cup’s elegant eagle’s mouth design ensures effortless pouring, while the exquisite phoenix carvings bring the set to life.

**Exceptional Craftsmanship**

The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, while the round mouth allows for smooth water flow. The meticulously carved body exudes a refined aesthetic, showcasing the artistry of skilled craftsmen.

**Natural Characteristics**

The distinctive Yixing clay bestows the tea set with remarkable properties:

* **Unique Adsorption:** The tea set absorbs tea aromas, developing a unique fragrance over time when dedicated to a single tea type.
* **Nourishing Qualities:** With frequent use, the set’s surface becomes glossy and smooth, enhancing its beauty.
* **Temperature Resistance:** The clay’s sandy nature provides excellent stability, allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures.

**Complete Set for Tea Enthusiasts**

This comprehensive set includes:

* 1 Teapot (330 ml)
* 6 Tea Cups (30 ml each)
* 1 Fair Cup (205 ml)
* 1 Tea Pet (for nourishing)
* Teapot Maker & Certificate of Authenticity

Indulge in the exquisite art of tea drinking with the Yixing Zhu Ni Dragon Phoenix Tea Set. It’s a masterpiece that will become a cherished addition to any collection or a thoughtful gift for the discerning tea connoisseur.


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