Glass Teapot with Thickened Glass and Wooden Handle


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## The Ultimate Tea Experience: Thickened Glass Wooden Handle Teapot

Immerse yourself in the world of tea with our exquisite Thickened Glass Wooden Handle Teapot, meticulously crafted from high-temperature resistant borosilicate glass. Its exceptional resilience withstands extreme temperature fluctuations from -20°C to 150°C, ensuring durability and longevity.

Exclusive Features:

* **Twelve Cat’s Claw Filters:** Effortlessly filter tea residues with the innovative infuser’s precision-cut cat’s claw-shaped grooves, enhancing the purity of your tea experience.
* **Black Walnut Lid:** Elevate your tea ritual with a sleek black walnut lid adorned with 304 stainless steel, providing superior corrosion resistance.
* **Bionic Spout:** Savor the smooth and concentrated water flow through our bionic teapot spout, designed to prevent leakage.
* **Ergonomic Handle:** Indulge in the comfortable and non-slip grip of the glass and wood handle, protecting your hands from heat.

Exceptional Craftsmanship:

* **Masterfully Handcrafted:** Each teapot is a testament to the skill of expert artisans, showcasing the finest quality of the exquisite heat-resistant glass.
* **Visual Delight:** Prepare yourself for a mesmerizing spectacle as you watch your tea leaves unfurl and blooming flowers adorn your beverage.

Health Conscious Design:

* **Borosilicate Glass:** Rest assured that your tea’s captivating flavor and aroma will remain untouched in this environmentally friendly, unpoisonous high borosilicate glass.
* **Safe and Transparent:** Witness the purity of your brewing process with the transparent teapot, ensuring confidence in the safety of your beverage.

Technical Specifications:

* **Material:** Glass and Wood
* **Teapot Dimensions:**
* Length: 10.5 cm (4.13 inches)
* Height: 12 cm (4.72 inches)
* **Capacity:** 500 ml (16.9 oz)

Indulge in the ultimate tea experience with our Thickened Glass Wooden Handle Teapot, masterfully designed to elevate your enjoyment. Its unwavering durability, ergonomic design, and commitment to health will redefine your daily tea ritual.


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