Cast Iron Teapot – Handmade Japanese Design with Southern Touch


With the function of boiling water: Yes
Surface technics: Other

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Specification: the height is about 21cm, the width is about 19cm.

The boiling point of the iron kettle is higher, 2-3 degrees higher than that of ordinary stainless steel, and the holding time is longer. The use of high-temperature water to make tea can stimulate and enhance the aroma of the tea. Especially for Aged tea such as Pu’er, because of its long aging time, it is necessary to use enough high temperature water to fully display its internal quality and tea flavor, which is a perfect match. It has become more and more professional tea ware of necessary for tea players to appreciate tea, tea-competition, taste tea and carry out party or activities about tea.

This Handmade Japanese Iron Pot Southern Cast Ironware Cast Iron Teapot is an exceptional way to elevate your tea drinking experience. Crafted using traditional Japanese iron, this exquisite piece of art brings beauty and grace into any tea house or kitchen. Crafted by expert Japanese blacksmiths, the exquisite water ripples etched onto its body make for an exquisite look and feel; high-quality construction ensures it will stand the test of time; while ergonomic handle and lid designs allow for easy usage.

This cast iron teapot is perfect for loose leaf tea lovers looking for an ideal vessel in which to steep their favorite blends. With thick walls that retain heat better than other models, your tea won’t quickly become cold as long as its temperature remains consistent during brewing process. Additionally, its Hi-hearted design helps it maintain consistent temperatures during every step of brewing process thanks to excellent thermal insulation properties that ensure an uninterrupted experience.

Crafted of traditional Japanese iron for an elegant appearance, this pot features water ripple etchings on its body. Additionally, its stainless steel strainer prevents leaves from entering cup. Plus, its ergonomic handle and lid design makes using it effortless!
Thick walls help retain heat more effectively than other teapots, and their robust construction provides excellent thermal insulation capabilities.
Not only is this cast iron teapot stunningly attractive, it is also built to last generations! Rust-resistant and temperature resistant, its durability make it the ideal everyday teapot, making replacing it anytime soon unnecessary! And with minimal cleanup efforts required thanks to its non-stick surface ensuring its beauty!

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