Handmade Tianmu Jian Zhan Chinese Teapot in Moonlight Black


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## Authentic Handmade Tianmu Zhan Chinese Teapot

Indulge in the ancient art of tea preparation with our exquisite Authentic Handmade Tianmu Zhan Chinese Teapot. Crafted from high-quality materials, this teapot embodies the rich heritage and artisanal traditions of Chinese tea culture.

**Exceptional Quality:**

– High-temperature firing process ensures durability and resilience, with iron content reaching a remarkable 8%.
– Precise spout design facilitates a smooth and effortless tea flow.

**Ergonomic Design:**

– Perfectly balanced for comfort, featuring a contoured handle that fits your hand snugly.
– Round body with graceful curves enhances aesthetic appeal.

**Captivating Aesthetic:**

– Unique kiln pattern creates a mesmerizing interplay of black and silver hues.
– Intricate artistry reflects the profound cultural significance of Chinese teapots.

**Historical Legacy:**

– Tianmu Zhan teapots hold immense artistic value and have played a pivotal role in the exchange of Chinese and foreign cultures.
– As a symbol of heritage and craftsmanship, they contribute to the preservation of world heritage.


– Experience the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, where tea leaves steep in boiling water, creating a rejuvenating beverage.
– Ideal for personal use or as a cherished gift.


– Material: Tianmu Zhan
– Capacity: 200 ml (6.8 oz)
– Dimensions: Diameter 11 cm (4.3″), Height 10 cm (3.9″)


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