Blue and White Porcelain Kungfu Tea Set – Elegant Chinese Tea Set

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Material: Ceramic
Ceramic Classification: High Grade White Porcelain
Origin: Dehua
Surface Technology: Blue and White
Tea Plate or Not: No
Tea Cup Accessories: None
Water Heating Function: No
Product Quality Grade: First Class
Teapot: 1
Cover bowl: 1
Tea Cup: 6
Tea sea: 1
Tea Strainer: 1

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Teapot: 15cm long, 6cm high, capacity: 150ml
Tea Cup: 9.5cm long, 8cm high, capacity: About 120ml
Chahai: 9cm long, 9.5cm high, capacity: About 250ml
Tea Strainer: 10cm long and 6cm high

The Green And White Porcelain Chinese tea set is produced in the hometown of ceramics, Jingde Town. The Chinese tea set is made of high-quality of kaolin. The Chinese tea set is fired at a high temperature of 1320 degrees. It is glazed with precious agate. The glaze is finely opened, and there are many oblique cracks. If you use tea to moisturize it for a long time, you can grow gold threads on the glaze. Beautifully intertwined. The bottom surface is unglazed, and it is more stable after polishing and smoothing. In terms of craftsmanship, the traditional porcelain-making craftsmanship is adopted, with a layer of thick oily glaze, unique color and lustre, quaint and generous. The Chinese tea set ensures water to pour smoothly, pure filtration, comfortable hand feeling, practicality and beauty.

Stunningly beautiful Green And White Porcelain Chinese Tea Set for those who want to make their tea perfectly, known for its beauty and artistry. Being of elegant style, practical use and artistic value, it is well-known around the world and favored by tea lovers throughout history. This is high-class tea set in terms of quality, style, making technology as well as aesthetic value, which well demonstrate the perfect combination of practical use, cultural value and artistic value. It will bring you the experience of drinking tea in traditional Chinese way, and you will begin to enjoy every nuance of taste and aroma from your tea. Using Green And White Porcelain Chinese Tea Set can help adjust your body physically and mentally.

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1 review for Blue and White Porcelain Kungfu Tea Set – Elegant Chinese Tea Set

  1. Mama donuts

    Love it, nice size tea pot and also beautiful, over all very well made tea set.

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