Japanese Black Stoneware Tea Set


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Japanese Black Stone Glazed Tea Set

Experience the serene elegance of Japanese tea culture with this exquisite Black Stone Glazed Tea Set. Crafted with mellow stone texture, its naturally precipitated glaze and subtle touch evoke an ethereal stone-like surface.

The delicate blue rock texture provides a slightly frosted sensation, inviting a tactile connection. The strong wooden lid and slender spout ensure comfortable handling and effortless water flow.

This two-piece design features a sturdy wooden handle with a strong wooden cover button for anti-scalding protection.

The plate’s meticulously arranged grooves prevent slippage, adding convenience to use. Rooted in Japanese tradition, the Black Stone Glazed Tea Set embodies the delicate beauty of tea ceremonies.

This set includes:

  • 4 Tea Cups (6.5 x 5 cm, 90 ml each)
  • 1 Teapot (7.6 x 10 cm, 210 ml)
  • 1 Tea Caddy (7.6 x 10 cm, 210 ml)
  • 1 Tea Tray (31.5 x 19.5 x 3 cm)

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or seeking a gift imbued with cultural significance, our Japanese Black Stone Glazed Tea Set is an exceptional choice. Its exquisite design, durability, and superior quality will elevate your tea-drinking experience to new heights.

Packaged in an elegant presentation box, this set makes a memorable gift that will be cherished for years to come.


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