Hand-Painted Japanese Porcelain Tea Set – High-Temperature Resistant Utensils

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The category of product: tea set
Material: high-temperature porcelain
Origin: Dapu, Meizhou, Guangdong
Tea cup: 4
Tea pot: 1
Tea tray: 1

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Teapot: width 19cm, mouth diameter 8cm height 10cm capacity 1000ml
Teacup: diameter 7cm, height 58cm capacity 150ml

Natural and elegant colors, rich in the charm of natural, showing the calm and elegance of the Japanese style.

One of the most beautiful Gongfu tea sets that we highly recommend is the Japanese High-Temperature Tea Set. This set is not only stunningly beautiful, but it is also unique in design. The tea set is made from a high-temperature resistant ceramic and is suitable for use with all types of tea. You will be able to enjoy the traditional Chinese Gongfu tea ceremony in the comfort of your own home.

The Gongfu tea set can be used to share tea with friends and family. As you sip your tea, you will find yourself in an extremely tranquil and artistic mood, surrounded by the beauty of your surroundings. The Gongfu tea set makes a great gift for friends and family, and will also look great on your shelf or desk. So if you’re looking to experience the artistry and culture of Gongfu tea ceremony, we highly recommend investing in a high-quality Gongfu tea set like the Japanese High-Temperature Tea Set.

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Weight 4 kg

10 reviews for Hand-Painted Japanese Porcelain Tea Set – High-Temperature Resistant Utensils

  1. Sarah

    I saw this piece and immediately wanted to buy it for my wife. When it arrived, I was sorry to see that it was not a full sized teapot. It is approximately half the size of a typical teapot. The craftsmanship is excellent, and the artwork is exquisite. There are no imperfections in the piece at all, and my only complaint is the size. With that being said, my wife loves it and has absolutely no problem with the size of the teapot.

  2. Kindle Customer

    Size is great for brewing a pitcher of tea for iced tea. Sturdy. Easy to clean. Pretty enough to leave sitting on the kitchen counter.

  3. NJY

    Now that I’ve had this for a little while I find this is a really good teapot. With the loose leaf tea insert the lid seals and the tea stays surprisingly hot. The insert doesn’t let the loose tea into the tea and is easy to clean. The mouth of the teapot is rather small for effective cleaning in my view which is why cleaning got 4 stars but I think with a bottle scrubber you might be ok. I’m very happy with this purchase!

  4. robbie

    This lovely lilac teapot is well-made and elegant for a quiet tea time experience. Holds enough water for 2 cups and then some. Easy to keep clean and fits in the cupboard for storage without taking up much space.


    I bought it for myself

  6. Book_Learning

    It’s not to big or to small it’s just the right size.

  7. Lao W

    I bought it fir a friend as a Christmas present and she just loved it! I’m buying another one for myself.

  8. C Stick

    I purchased this for my daughters tea party themed birthday and it is beautiful! It held the hot tea very well and was super easy to clean. All the little girls loved it. The tea pot was easy for them to use also.

  9. Pandemonia

    Like most Americans, I didn’t grow up drinking tea or knowing much of anything about teapots (the word is even incorrectly conflated with “kettle” sometimes in the US) or how tea is prepared in, well, Britain, which is the model for proper tea-making, for the western world at least. It’s taken me decades — admittedly most of that time I didn’t drink tea — to master the rhythm and system, and the centrality of a nice teapot to the experience.If all that sounds familiar, this is the teapot for you! It’s the perfect size for a traditional, stringless teabag (I use Typhoo) to make two or three generous cups (mugs) of tea. Super sublime to boil the water, add it to this beautiful teapot, let the tea seep, and then pour out a cup or three of tea, without a bag floating around in the mug. Love this teapot!

  10. nancy

    Heats water well. Easy to clean. Looks great on stove too.

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