Japanese Handcrafted Gyokko Kiln Teapot


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## Japanese Stone-Textured Teapot: A Refined Blend of Art and Functionality

Crafted with ancient rock clay and featuring a stone-like texture, this exquisite teapot showcases an exquisite artistry and a touch of simplicity. Its unique design incorporates a hemp rope handle, offering insulation and enhancing its overall elegance.

**Intricate Materiality**

Sourced from natural mineral deposits, the old rock clay embodies the ruggedness of the earth. Undergoing meticulous processes of oxidation, reduction, and multiple firings, the resulting material displays a coarse texture and a kaleidoscope of colors, encapsulating the passage of time.

The fusion of natural materials seamlessly preserves the intrinsic qualities of the rock particles while enhancing workability with the addition of clay. The final touch of silver detailing bestows upon the teapot a captivating visual appeal that exudes simplicity and sophistication.

**Artistic Expression**

Beyond its functionality, this teapot embodies a masterful blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. The coarse texture and intricate detailing invite contemplation, elevating the tea-drinking experience into an artistic ritual.


* Length: 12 cm (4.72 inches)
* Width: 7.5 cm (2.95 inches)
* Height: 6.5 cm (2.55 inches)
* Capacity: 150 ml (5.07 oz)


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