Japanese Mountain Wanderer Tea Set


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Japanese Style Mountain Travel Tea Set

Indulge in the serenity of mountains and tranquil retreats with our Japanese Style Mountain Travel Tea Set. Its exquisite ceramic body, crafted through meticulous grouting and high-temperature firing, exudes a timeless elegance.

Adorned with ethereal mountainscapes outlined in simple lines, this tea set evokes a natural atmosphere, bringing the allure of nature into your everyday rituals. Its nested design, featuring a teapot, four teacups, and a fair cup, ensures both practicality and portability.

The innovative three-in-one design of the teapot, lid, strainer, and fair cup allows for effortless tea making and control over the infusion. The harmonious blend of yellow sand and Tibetan blue glaze creates a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors, showcasing the beauty of kiln changes and gradual transitions.

Accompanying this exquisite set is a sturdy EVA portable bag, safeguarding your tea ware from bumps and dings. The Japanese Style Mountain Travel Tea Set embodies the essence of simplicity and tradition, making it a perfect companion for those with a zest for adventure or those seeking a tranquil oasis amidst their busy lives.


  • High-quality ceramic construction
  • Exquisite mountain landscape design
  • Nested design for easy storage
  • Portable design with EVA protective bag
  • Three-in-one teapot design
  • Dual glaze color combination
  • Perfect filter design


  • Tea Cup: 60 x 38 cm, 35 ml
  • Teapot: 140 x 100 ml, 350 ml

Elevate your tea experience with our Japanese Style Mountain Travel Tea Set, a symphony of timeless beauty, effortless functionality, and the serene embrace of nature.


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