Heat-Resistant Japanese Hammered Glass Tea Pot with Electric Ceramic Heater


Material: High borosilicate
Surface technics: Heat-proof glass
Origin: JDZ
The grade of product quality: Superior product
Style: Japanese

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The size of product: the length is 10cm, the height is 8.7cm, the overall height is 17cm and the diameter of liner is 7.8cm.

The capacity of product: 600ml

Hammer texture

The hammer pattern is clear and uniform, the texture is strong and feels comfortable, and it looks more beautiful when making tea

Explosion-proof and antiskid

Made of thickened heat-proof glass, the hammer-paint is rich in texture and exquisite in shape, and the copper girder wrapped with hemp rope is iron-proof and skid-proof.

The filter liner is cut manually, the tea filter is clean without residue, beautiful and elegant, effectively blocking tea leaves and gruel of millet flour and sugar.

Brass button in the shape of plum blossom

Focus on hand-made, the glass cover and the brass button are cleverly connected, and the screw button makes it closer, and the whole is natural.

Exquisite shape

The distinctive square glass body with detailed inlaid lid ornamentation is an understated luxury

Heat-proof and explosion-proof

Heat-proof high borosilicate glass can be directly heated by electric ceramic heaters to make tea, and it’s not break in sudden of cooling and heating.

Open firing
The material is high borosilicate glass, it’s heat-proof, can be heated directly by open fire without bursting, safely and securely.

The exquisite workmanship of high borosilicate glass is matched with the charcoal stove, which is simple and realistic.


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