Handcrafted Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set in Classic Jade Porcelain Finish

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Product Category: Tea ware Set
Material: Ceramics
Classification of Ceramics: White Porcelain
Specification: One bowl, six cups
Origin: Dehua
Packaging: color box
Surface technology: blue and white
Product Quality Grade: First Class

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Good craftsmanship

Porcelain is delicate, glaze is crystal and plump, just like ice and jade. Lines are bright and smooth, modelling is dignified and simple. In the Zen mood, it creates a fresh and elegant classical beauty, while shows its carcass solid and perfect color.

ChineseTea4U’s Kung Fu Tea Ware Set is the epitome of quality and craftsmanship, handcrafted from high-grade jade porcelain for an elegant design and featuring intricate patterns to capture traditional Chinese culture. This set comes complete with a teapot, two cups, one lid holder and one lid holder to bring traditional Chinese culture alive!

The teapot features an ergonomic handle for easy pouring, while its lid fits securely over both cups and pot to help retain heat for extended periods of time. Furthermore, each cup boasts its own lid holder to make use of individual pieces or all together easier. This traditional Chinese-themed set is the ideal way to bring some traditional flair into any table setting.

As well as its aesthetic features, this ceramic jade porcelain tea ware set is also highly practical. Each piece can withstand long-term use while being lightweight and easily stored when not needed. Furthermore, their thermal stability means they work well with any kind of tea variety while providing thermal stability.

The Kung Fu Tea Ware Set is an ideal choice for anyone searching for high-quality handmade items to add elegance and warmth to their home decor. Its classic design will bring subtle sophistication into any room while its durability guarantees that it can withstand frequent use over time. Plus, its beautiful colors help it stand out while still remaining neutral enough to fit with existing themes in your home or office space.

For anyone in search of something truly exceptional as either a gift idea or something for themselves, this kung fu tea ware set offers the ideal blend of form and function that will last years!

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Weight 0.5 kg

Chinese Cymbidium, Daisies, green bamboo, LAN Yun, Look very happy, Plumblossom

2 reviews for Handcrafted Chinese Ceramic Kung Fu Tea Set in Classic Jade Porcelain Finish

  1. Amazon Customer

    The set is beautiful and I love it. It does have a few flaws, one cup has a sharp spot on the bottom and the spout of the teapot was not cleaned very well before firing. I kept the set because I liked the look and I decided to just display it in the china cabinet.

  2. peggy


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