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Pu’er Palace Fermented Tea – Golden Bud Cake – Menghai Fermented Cooked Tea Cake – 100g Cake Tea


Product Category: Pu’er Tea
Import or not: No
Is it pre-packaged food: No
Origin: Yunnan
Seller-to-Seller: Packaging
Warranty Period: More than 12 months (months)
Date of production: October 2016
Storage methods: sealed, normal temperature, dry and ventilated
Net content (specification): 100 (g)
Outer packing: carton
Internal packing: cotton paper
Category: Pu’er Tea Fermented Tea
Organic Food: No
Green Food: No
Packaging Specification: 100g/cake

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Tea characteristics

Selected from the old Banzhang of Menghai in 2002, spring tea fermentation of ancient trees, after 15 years of grinding, it has a qualitative transformation both on the quality and taste. The tea head fragrance is more attractive, and the taste is even more difficult to imagine. Dry tea granules are tight and golden buds are abundant. The fragrance emitted is a kind of light fragrance, which smells very comfortable.

Old Banzhang Gushu Golden Bud Tea Soup is very energetic, chestnut red and transparent, which make people cannot help but want to drink. From the chestnut red and transparent soup color can also see that this tea has a long shelf life.

Intentionally make a soup, the color will be more energetic, and there will be ruby red among chestnut red, which is the good soup color of old tea.

Old Banzhang’s early spring tea in 2002 has few impurities and moist taste. Only the tea friends who have been supporting the Miaoxiang Teahouse in Xueyu know how beautiful and soft the real Banzhang Tea Head is until they have really drunk the Banzhang Tea Head.

Brewing Method

The second and third brewing is much richer than the first, which are sweet, delicate, smooth to the bottom of the throat, stable to the soup, refreshing to the drinking and comfortable to the mouth. The fourth to seventh brewing, the soup is fully reflected, very delicious. Up to more than tens of brewing, the performance of the tea soup is very good, the tea soup is very mellow, the aroma is very elegant and comfortable, and the back sweet is very obvious.

It is very smooth when drinking the tea soup and its rapid opening are the charms of high-quality old tea. Although it is far away from “tasteless taste”, the mouth is very satisfied.

The overall performance of old Banzhang ancient tree golden bud is not bitter, not astringent. And it feels very clean when drinking, and tea soup is very sweet and slippery, which is especially suitable for tea friends who like sweet and slippery Pu’er Tea.

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