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Black Plum Flower Tea – Natural and Pure Dried Sour Plum Infusion

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Shelf life: 540 days
Origin: Mainland China
Provinces: Other

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Old formula, still be that old taste

Sour plum soup is a very good drink, but it takes an hour or two to boil. For modern people who live in a life of fast pace, it is recommended that you try this non-boiled sour plum soup. On the basis of the old flavor, the improved tea bag can be brewed in boiling water for a few minutes. And the taste is just sweet and sour, still be that familiar taste.

Drink this sour plum soup to relieve the greasy!

The living conditions are good and the food is abundant, but people seem to feel lazy a lot. In autumn and winter, the weather turns cool and there is less exercise for people, but you will always feel greasy every day. After drinking sour plum soup, you will feel that the whole body are refreshed a lot. For ole people and the children who are suffered from accumulated food and poor appetite might as well have a cup every day.

Four Seasons Drinks, it follows your heart for both cold and hot

Perhaps you are worried about trivial work, firewood, rice, oil and salt. Perhaps time will let you know how valuable it is to have a calm and impatient heart. A hand-made cake, a cup of warm sour plum soup, not impetuous, not noisy, and you can leisurely taste the sour and sweet life, and do what women should do – to have graceful calm.
suan mei

Drink instantly, pack three bubbles

Sour plum soup uses food-grade corn fiber triangular tea bag, green and healthy, firmly locked tea fragrance, easy to carry and preserve. One bag of drink can be brewed for three times. Take one or two bags with you at work and school, soak in hot water, and drink a delicious sour plum soup. And it does not need boiling, and it will not take much time.

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    It’s affordable, but the quality of the ingredients is slightly poor

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