Red Chinese Tea Set with Exquisite Gift Box


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Chinese Red Tea Set with Gift Box

Indulge in the exquisite artistry of this Chinese Red Tea Set, handcrafted from high-quality clay sourced from the renowned Dehua region of Fujian, China.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Each piece is a testament to traditional craftsmanship, showcasing an elegant combination of raw materials and skilled craftsmanship. The gorgeous Chinese glaze adorns the tea set, imparting a smooth texture and vibrant hue that evokes the essence of this ancient tradition.

Exceptional Tea-Drinking Experience

Experience the tranquility of the Chinese tea ceremony with this pristine tea set. The teapot’s meticulous design ensures controlled pouring, preventing spills and allowing for easy cleaning. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, while the polished base safeguards surfaces from scratches.

Distinctive Accents

Complementing the tea set is an exquisite incense burner, meticulously crafted to withstand the high temperatures of incense burning. Its resilience and aesthetic beauty create a harmonious ambiance.

Symbol of Cultural Heritage

This Chinese Red Tea Set is renowned for its elegance, practicality, and aesthetic value. As a reflection of centuries-old tea culture, it invites you to savor the subtle nuances of tea, both physically and mentally.

Complete Set for Tea Aficionados

Enclosed within an elegant gift box, the set comprises:

  • 1 Teapot (190 ml / 6.43 oz)
  • 3 Tea Cups (35 ml / 1.18 oz each)
  • 1 Incense Burner
  • 1 Natural Sandalwood
  • 1 Tea Caddy
  • 1 Gift Box


  • Teapot: Length 13.0 cm (5.12 inches), Height 8.0 cm (3.15 inches)
  • Tea Cup: Length 6.3 cm (2.48 inches), Height 3.3 cm (1.30 inches)
  • Tea Caddy: Diameter 8.0 cm (3.15 inches), Height 9.2 cm (3.62 inches)
  • Incense Burner: Diameter 10 cm (3.94 inches), Height 7 cm (2.76 inches)
  • Natural Sandalwood: Diameter 6.5 cm (2.56 inches), Height 8.5 cm (3.35 inches)

Material: Porcelain | Weight: 3 kg

Enhance your tea ritual with this exquisite Chinese Red Tea Set, embodying the timeless beauty and sophistication of Chinese craftsmanship. Whether savoring the aroma in solitude or sharing the experience with loved ones, this set will elevate your tea-drinking moments to extraordinary heights.


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