Round Black Rock Ore Clay Teapot


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**Chinese Hand-Punched Black Glaze Teapot: A Masterpiece of Artisanal Cra**

## Exquisite Design
Crafted with meticulous precision, this stoneware teapot exudes elegance with its deep black glaze finish. Its hand-punched concave dots create a unique artistic texture that distinguishes each piece as a work of art.

## Ergonomic and Practical
Designed with comfort in mind, the round-ear handle provides a firm and secure grip, allowing for effortless pouring of tea. Its thoughtful ergonomic shape ensures stability and ease of use.

## Noble and Mysterious Aura
Enveloped in a lustrous black glaze, the teapot radiates a sense of nobility and mystique. This exquisite combination of ancient handicraft techniques and modern design elevates the tea-drinking experience.

## Aesthete’s Delight
Beyond its practical functionality, this hand-punched black glaze teapot serves as a captivating piece of craftsmanship. It enriches the ritual of tea tasting, transforming it into an aesthetic and sensory journey.

– Length: 11 cm (4.33″)
– Width: 7 cm (2.75″)
– Height: 7.5 cm (2.95″)
– Capacity: 170 ml (5.74 oz)


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